Julia Polissky holds a Bachelor in Music from the University of Victoria, and an ARCT in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music. As well as teaching piano Julia is an accompanist and has experience playing for instrumental soloists and vocalists. Julia’s music education began at age six with established European professors, coming from the world-famous European classical music traditions.

She studied piano and music theory as well as music history. Julia studied with well-known Steinway artist, Arthur Rowe at the University of Victoria. Julia is patient and passionate about teaching while her intentions are to always bring out the best qualities of the European Classical method. She makes her lessons fun and enjoyable for beginner students, making them feel engaged as well as giving them a hands-on experience. Julia brings out the best music potential in each student, whether it is beginners or advanced students, she will prepare you for the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, festivals and competitions.

Julia’s lessons emphasize a high level of technicality and artistry in playing the piano, which comes from the European Piano School which involve a very dedicated and strict training. Julia makes sure that every student develops good basic playing habits such as flexibility of hands, proper sitting position, musicality and a beautiful tone when playing the piano.

Julia pays special attention to developing technicality in each student by assigning scales, studies and exercises. Regardless of how much experience each student has, Julia ensures that her lessons are energetic and creative which will definitely lead to a thorough musical development.