Performing Opportunities for all Students

My excellent one to one piano class is suitable for all adults, from absolute beginners without any prior musical knowledge to advanced amateur pianists.

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Well-Known European Method

You will receive piano lessons that involve a strict training method. In only a short period of time, you will see massive results in your piano playing and performance.

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One-on-One Piano Lessons for Everyone

Piano lessons with interactive step-by-step instructions on reading music, chords, technique and more. Start your first lesson today.

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With a background coming from the traditions of world-known European classical music, Julia Polissky is passionate and serious about music. Motivating and inspiring, she makes learning piano fun and enjoyable for all ages and brings out the best music potential in each student. She holds a Bachelor of Music from UVIC and an ARCT in Piano Performance.


My beginner program is aimed at children ages 5-8 where I teach the correct positioning of hands, introduction to the different notes on the piano as well as getting to know how to read a music score.


My Intermediate Program is for children between ages 9-12 who are already able to play easy to intermediate pieces and who are comfortable reading notes. This is where children and parents make the decision whether or not they want their child to participate in Royal Conservatory of Music piano examinations.


Students in my Advanced Program are at a high level of playing the piano and are able to play challenging repertoire up to Grade 10 or ARCT. In this program, students expand their musical proficiency and master their playing skills as well as their musicality.


This program is designed for adults who always wanted to learn the piano but were not able to learn in their youth. Whether you want to learn piano for fun or take examinations and participate in festivals, Julia has plenty of materials to accommodate you that will make your learning experience of playing the piano enjoyable, yet knowledgeable.

Well-known European
Classical Piano Method

Performing Opportunities

Julia’s piano lessons encourage students to reach their full music potential. Annual studio recitals to showcase your achievements.

Encourage Students

Julia’s piano lessons encourage students to reach their full music potential. Participating in RCM examinations, festivals and competitions is highly encouraged for every student.

Right Foundation

Julia makes sure that each student gets the right foundation of learning piano which will lead to advanced piano playing and amazing results!

Good Playing Habits

Develop good playing habits such as freedom of hands and arms, proper posture at the piano, and flexibility.

Adult Program

Adult program allows students to play piano for pleasure or participate in RCM examinations, festivals and competitions.

Sharpen Musical Abilities

A variety of different books and workbooks to sharpen your musical abilities. Julia recommends to start learning piano as early as 5 years old and some children are able to learn piano at 4 years old.

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